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(This is a copy of the letter that Get the LEAD Out of Frisco! Co-chairwoman Joy West will present in person at this week’s City Council meeting. You can get a PDF copy this letter here.

And please plan to support Joy and Get the LEAD Out of Frisco! at this Thursday’s (June 23) City Council meeting. The public comment period is expected to begin around 7:30 p.m., but check the Agenda for more details.)

June 20, 2011

Dear Mayor Maso and Members of the City Council:

Two years ago, the EPA cited Exide’s Frisco smelter for being out of attainment for basic lead emissions levels, and just last month, it was cited again for not meeting stronger EPA air toxics standards. In addition, as we are educating ourselves about this very critical issue, we have learned that the EPA, and even the company the TCEQ hired to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of air quality control technologies, ERG, have documented that Frisco’s Exide plant is one of the dirtiest in the country.

While Exide has written City officials and publicly stated to our citizens that it is dedicated to being a “world-class” operator, when one takes the time to look past the “sell” and to tries to match the spin with the facts, it is easy to see that Exide is failing miserably to operate at even an acceptable level in our community. Exide’s claims ring very hollow with its ongoing pattern of barelyCouncilLetter Graphic implementing the most minimal safeguards required by law, as well as its continued efforts to deploy smoke-and-mirrors dilution tactics. All of this at a time when almost half of the households in Frisco have families with children and that very positive trend for our community is certain to continue.

Last year, the City of Frisco publicly promised its citizens that it would diligently work to ensure that Exide would either step up its toxicity-reducing safeguards to become one of most environmentally advanced lead smelters in the U.S., or it would see that Exide no longer operated in Frisco. And as we know, several of you repeated your support for such as a key plank of your campaign platforms during this last election.

The primary purpose of this letter to is let you know that many Frisco residents are very aware, appreciative and supportive of the City and its leaders’ proactive promise to make the health and welfare of its citizens and the continued vibrancy of our community – today and tomorrow – a top priority. The purpose of this letter also is to let you know that the citizens of Frisco want such action to be well informed and the decisions to be made by and for the people of this community.

We understand that this is a very complex, multifaceted issue that can be rife with misinformation and misunderstanding unless a conscientious commitment is made to learn how to gather the appropriate, credible information and assimilate it into useful knowledge and understanding.  We are up to the challenge of learning about and understanding such along with you. In fact, we have been busy doing just that, and we already have learned and discovered a lot from numerous different, very credible sources.

We are prepared to share our discoveries and the knowledge we have gained about the unjustified gaps and incredibly low standards Exide and the State are willing to force us to live with, as well as what is well within the purview of the City and the citizens of Frisco to insist on. We will be happy to arrange the necessary meeting/meetings to share information and to help ensure that you are very well prepared to confidently and appropriately represent our community, and to stand strong for what truly is in the best interest of the children, women and men of Frisco at the TCEQ hearing this Wednesday, June 22nd.

Again, thank you for your promise and commitment to ensure that Exide implements the most environmentally advanced technology to provide our community with the highest level of protection available today against deadly lead and other toxins, or to see to it that the company no longer operates within our growing, family oriented community.

Please know that “Get the LEAD OUT of Frisco” citizen’s group is ready and willing to partner with the City and assist when and where we can in this community effort to make the right decision for our citizens, and to help ensure that Frisco truly is on the right path to becoming a highly regarded, world-class community.

We have set up a several channels to help us connect and converse with, as well as to help educate, Frisco citizens about this critically important issue facing our community. They include:

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –!/leadfreefrisco
YouTube –

We look forward to hearing back from you regarding our request to a work session with you to share the information we have gathered and what we have learned, as well as learn more about your plans for the TCEQ public hearing this Wednesday in Austin.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Joy West
Co-Chairwoman, Get the LEAD Out of Frisco!

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