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NATIONAL LEAD POISIONING PREVENTION WEEK: Get Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet created for Frisco by leading expert on lead toxicity, contamination

Dr. Howard Mileke, Ph.D., who is considered one of the world’s leading experts on lead toxicity and contamination, has created a Lead Poisoning Prevent Tip Sheet for Frisco residents, and those around the world, in recognition of National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week.

You can download a pdf copy of the Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet below:

Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet – Dr. Howard Mileke

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Also, you can learn more about a federal grant Dr. Mileke recently received to do more research on lead toxicity and contamination in U.S. metro areas here.

Read about Dr. Mileke’s report to the Texas State Department of Health Services that blood lead levels of tested Frisco children are 60% higher than the norm for all tested Texas children.

You also can learn more the testimony that Dr. Mileke gave the TCEQ, explaining that Frisco children are not being protected from the dangers of lead in their community, in the air and soil.

Read more about Dr. Mileke’s research here:








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