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BREAKING NEWS: Attend City Council meeting TONIGHT to learn more about possible public hearings about zoning ordinance changes that could impact Exide plant

While we don’t have many details at all right now, the City of Frisco possibly seems to be considering some type of action related to the Exide lead smelter. Below is what we know right now:


Exide has filed its application to Frisco for permits needed to start construction of upgrades on plant property.  The Frisco City Council has an item on the Supplemental Agency for tonight’s meeting to call for public hearings to amend zoning ordinance to change classifications and definitions of “miscellaneous hazardous industrial use” and “recycling plant.”

This is a link to the Supplemental Agenda for tonight’s meeting:

Below is from the Supplement Agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting:

To: Honorable Mayor Maso and Members of the Frisco City Council
Cc: George A. Purefoy, City Manager
John Lettelleir, AICP, Director of Development Services
From: John Webb, AICP, Subdivision & Zoning Administrator
Date: 10/10/11
Agenda Caption: Call for Public Hearing: A request to call a Public Hearing to
amend Zoning Ordinance No. 11-04-09 to consider amendments to
Section 3.02 Use Chart and Section 7.01 Terms and Words Defined
regarding “Miscellaneous Hazardous Industrial Use” and
“Recycling Plant.”
Action Requested: Call a Public Hearing to amend Zoning Ordinance No. 11-04-
Background Information: Staff is requesting the Planning & Zoning Commission
(P&Z) and City Council consider amendments to amend the Zoning Ordinance
regarding the Land Use classifications and definitions of a “Miscellaneous
Hazardous Industrial Use” and a “Recycling Plant. Amendments to the Zoning
Ordinance require Public Hearings to be conducted by the P&Z and City Council.
Notification of these Public Hearings will be provided in accordance with City
Ordinance and State Law.
Financial Considerations: Not applicable.
Legal Review: The City Attorney’s Office has reviewed this memo.
Recommendation: Staff recommends the City Council call for a Public Hearing
to amend Zoning Ordinance No. 11-04-09.

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