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POISONED PLACES REPORT: Frisco and Reading, PA, share similarities in ongoing problems with Exide plants

This story by Center for Public Integrity Reporter Jim Morris focuses on the ongoing issues and problems related to Exide that residents in Reading, PA, are dealing with. There are many similarities to Exide and Frisco:

Below are quotes from an Exide statement. The company refused to be interviewed for the story. How do these apply to Frisco, and the fact that the Exide lead smelter here still is violating air safety laws for lead emissions one year after it was placed on the EPA’s nonattainment list?:

Of the contaminated land around the plant, Exide wrote, “As with many facilities around the country that have been in operation for many, many years and prior to the more stringent standards that have been put in place, it is feasible to assume that historic air emissions could have had some impact on properties within the immediate vicinity of our facility.”

As for worries about arsenic, Exide wrote, “EPA recognizes that arsenic is emitted from all secondary lead smelters and that by controlling lead emissions, a smelter will also control arsenic emissions.”

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