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UPDATED EPA REPORT: Frisco Exide plant still exceeds legal limits for lead emissions one year later

The Frisco Exide lead smelter was among the locations initially cited on the EPA’s first Nonattainment Designations list released last November. (And Exide has a total  of six plants on the EPA Non-attainment Designations List, more than any other company.)

Recent monitoring reports for the Frisco plant that the EPA released last week show that Exide’s emissions are still violating federal air quality standards for lead a year after the Exide plant was designated as violating standards for 

The following is taken from a Nov. 9 Frisco Blog post by Dallas Morning News Reporter Valerie Wigglesworth:

“Four air monitors around the Exide plant record lead levels. Levels are recorded during a 24-hour period every six days and calculated on a three-month rolling average. Any three-month average above .15 is considered to be in violation of the standard.

The most recent data available, averaging readings from July through September, shows two of the four monitors around Exide to be above .15. The monitor directly north of the plant on Eubanks Street had an value of .28 during that three-month period. And the monitor on Fifth Street directly across from the plant’s entrance had a three-month average of .16.

For the three-month period of June through August, those two monitors along with the monitor on Ash Street also violated the standard. The 5th Street and Ash Street monitors had averages of .19, and the Eubanks Street monitor had a three-month reading of .44.

The fourth monitor, on Stonebrook Parkway near the Frisco Police Station, began taking readings in January. It has had two violations of the standard: a .18 between February and April and a .17 between March and May. Its most reading for July through September was .01.”




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