Exide's Negative Impact on Other Communities

EXIDE’S NEGATIVE IMPACT ON OTHER COMMUNITIES: What lessons can Frisco learn from Connecticut towns?

Negative economic impact on Connecticut communities 31 years and counting AFTER Exide plant was shut down:

While Exide closed its troubled Southport, CT, plant in 1981 (it had been in operation since 1951), and didn’t tear down the plant until 2005, just now have plans been finalized to begin cleaning up Mill River.

Exide has been documented as being one of river’s two major polluters.

And while this story from Fairfield, CT, is from 2010, it illustrates the lingering negative economic impact of the Exide plant, which was shut down 29 years earlier. Fairfield is one mile from Southport, where the plant was located, and Exide’s 6.25 acres were located on the western edge of Fairfield’s downtown.


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