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BREAKING NEWS: TCEQ monitoring reports – Exide lead emissions still higher than law requires / What is City waiting on?

In its latest update to its monitoring of Exide’s lead emissions, the TCEQ reports that the Frisco lead smelter failed to meet legal limits for lead emissions two months in a row. The three-month rolling average for March was .19, and for April, it was .22 mircograms. The maximum legal limit is .15 micrograms.

Historically, seasonal factors such as the change in prevailing wind direction from Winter to Spring, and where monitors are located in relation to such can result in lower emissions numbers during transitional months. Such should be taken into account when considering Exide’s lead emissions numbers for December, January and February, which were slightly below legal limits.
To download copy of latest TCEQ monitoring of Exide lead smelter, follow this link and scroll down to “Monitoring Data” and click on “Air Monitoring Data from 2002 through April 27, 2012” link:

Regardless of the corporate-speak Exide is trying to push out, the numbers are not going the right direction, which is down! Remember a year ago when senior Exide representatives held a Town Hall meeting to tell you that the Frisco smelter is a world-class operation, and that Exide is dedicated to running a world-class operation?

And why would the TCEQ give Exide 13 more months to finally do basic repair and maintenance on a plant it let fall into major disrepair (have you seen the photos from the comprehensive, on-site inspection by the EPA? Check out flickr box to the right) and let it spew at least a ton more of lead over Frisco before it has to come up to minimum standards and be in legal compliance?

Time to ask the Mayor and City Council what they are waiting for? Even higher lead emissions, continued growth in an already significant Lead Legacy for Frisco, corporate double talk by a company that has been cited as a potentially responsible party for at least 91 federally defined Superfund or state-equivalent sites (from Exide 10-K report for quarter ended March 31, 2003) and more maneuvering by lobbyists and politicians?

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