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BREAKING NEWS: Exide Frisco lead smelter exceeds limits for concentration of lead in emissions five out of past six months

According to certified monitoring data provide by the TCEQ and the EPA, the Exide lead smelter has exceeded federal standards for lead emissions five out of the past six months.

The maximum legal limit is .15 micrograms per cubic meter. Below are the mnthly monitored lead concentration emission levels (average from four monitors around the Exide plant) for the lead smelter for the period of March through August 31 of this year:

August – .20 micrograms per cubic meter

(the Aug. 31 measurement of the Eubanks monitor – located directly north of the Exide smelter – showed lead concentration levels of .305, more than twice the level allowed by federal standards.)

July – .15 micrograms per cubic meter

June – .18 micrograms per cubic meter

May – .20 micrograms per cubic meter

April – .22 micrograms per cubic meter

March – .19 micrograms per cubic meter

To download a copy of latest TCEQ monitoring of Exide lead smelter, follow this link and scroll down to “Monitoring Data” and click on “Air Monitoring Data from 2002 through August 31, 2012“, and look in the far right column “Design value”.


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