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Frisco residents turn up heat on Exide at public meeting

Local TV station Channel 11 (CBS) reported on the Feb. 6 public meeting hosted by Exide where Frisco residents turned up the heat on the company concerning the clean up of the lead smelter site.

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As reported by J.D. Miles

FRISCO (CBS 11 NEWS) – About 50 Frisco homeowners showed up for a heated meeting Wednesday night to discuss how the site of a former battery recycling plant will be cleaned up and who will oversee it.

The Exide plant closed last year after decades of polluting a highly populated part of the city.

An Environmental Protection Agency report completed last week shows hazardous waste, including lead, has been found in the soil on the site.

Residents want Exide to pay for removal of the four landfills that have absorbed decades of waste.

They also want the city or state to be more involved in the cleanup of those landfills.

“I would personally like to see all of the landfills dug up and all of the hazardous waste removed,” said Frisco resident Collette McCadden.

Neighbors like her are worried that Exide has little to gain by cleaning up land it’s leaving behind after 40 years.

Emotions ran so high at the meeting at one point two men almost came to blows over the issue.

Exide, for its part, says its committed to treat or remove as much waste as possible as well as addressing the concerns of residents.