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BREAKING NEWS: California Assembly Speaker calls for immediate action to be taken regarding threats to public health from Exide’s Vernon, CA plant

sealAssembly Speaker John A. Pérez today called on the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to take immediate action regarding the threats to public health from the Exide plant in Los Angeles.

In a letter to DTSC Director Debbie Raphael, Speaker Pérez, who represents residents jeopardized by emissions from the plant, called for an immediate investigation into potential violations at the plant and for a rapid response to on any findings from that investigation.

Speaker Pérez also called on the DTSC to take immediate action to ensure the following: site characterization and remediation of all past and present contaminations; financial assurances, such as an account from Exide, in place for clean-up so that taxpayers are not left with the bill; a finalized permit for the facility so that the company and the community can start anew with the most rigorous standards and protections for neighborhoods and workers in place.

“The latest revelations about extensive arsenic releases and the threat to public health across the City of Los Angeles are just one more chapter in this terrible story of ongoing pollution and malfeasance,” Pérez said. “I applaud the Los Angeles City Council for their efforts to get to the bottom of this and the South Coast AQMD for their efforts to force the company to clean up its act. However, more must be done to protect residents who live in the impact area of this out-of-compliance plant and the workers who work within it.”

A copy of Speaker Pérez’s letter to the DTSC can be downloaded here.


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