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WATCH AND SHARE: Lead – “We are using our children to test the environment.” – Real danger to health comes in very, very small amounts

If you concerned about the very real dangers of exposure to even small amounts of lead, you definitely will want to watch and share this video – especially if you have children.

This is an excerpt from the Sept. 18, 2012, Vero Beach, FL, city council meeting where globally noted research scientist Howard Mielke, PhD., gave a presentation about the real dangers of exposure to even a small amount of lead.

Dr. Mielke was asked to come to Vero Beach to give this presentation by the Vero Beach Airport Oversight Committee, a The_Dangers_of_Lead_-_Howard_Mielke__PhD._-_YouTubecitizen’s group concerned about the significant amount of lead that is being deposited on and is accumulating in Vero Beach because of the large number of general aviation aircraft still using leaded fuel that fly in and out of the municipal airport on a daily basis. With the removal of lead from paint and gasoline, according to the EPA, most lead emissions today come from lead smelters, such as those operated by Exide, and general aviation aircraft using leaded fuel.

While there are parts of Dr. Mielke’s presentation that are specific to Vero Beach, a majority of his presentation covers information about lead, exposure to lead and the negative neurological and health impacts of such exposure – especially for children – regardless of the source, such as lead smelters, etc. He describes how “we are using our children to test the environment” when it comes to exposure to lead.

See also, “Just One Lick: The Hidden Lead That Could Sicken Your Kids”.

Dr. Mielke’s work is responsible for facilitating the removal of lead from gasoline and, most recently, he completed  and published a 20-year, multi-city study that definitively links lead exposure to criminal behavior. 

To find out more about Dr. Mielke and his work, use the Site Search box at the top right of the page and enter in “Howard Mielke” and hit return.

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