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EXIDE BANKRUPTCY BREAKING NEWS: Exide unsecured creditors blast extension for $560 million Debtor-in-Possession financing package


In a motion before the Delaware bankruptcy court, the official committee of unsecured creditors called for the court to order a “fair and appropriate” DIP financing process, and argued that the unofficial committee of secured noteholders is “concocting a scheme” that would lead to a one-party reorganization or a “ridiculously quick credit bid sale that, […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: PLEASE READ AND SHARE! Community leader appeals to California Gov. Jerry Brown regarding very serious concerns about potential sham settlement with violation-ridden Exide; Exide still under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for handling of toxic waste


“It’s just another sign of their lack of oversight. It’s just another sign. You know, they’re not going to do anything until the judge orders them to do something to fix up that place,” A ‘sham settlement’ Msgr. Moretta, who has pastored Resurrection for almost 30 years, was so moved by the latest revelation that […]

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LEAD CLEANUP UPDATE: Fish bones being used with success to remediate lead in soil in urban areas


Fish bones are made of the phosphate mineral apatite, which readily combines with lead to form pyromorphite, a stable crystalline mineral that can’t be absorbed by the human digestive system.1,2 Now researchers are using fish bones and other phosphate-rich amendments to remediate lead in urban soils. “We have seen reduction in bioaccessibility in some lab samples […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: CBS Los Angeles investigation: Public documents show hazardous waste from Exide Vernon lead smelter repeatedly spilled onto highways and into storm drains that feed Los Angeles River

In a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Exide states the company is under criminal investigation by a federal grand jury investigating potential criminal violations in its transportation of hazardous waste and air emissions. CBS LOS ANGELES CBS2 Investigation: Public Documents Show Hazardous Waste From Exide Plant Spilled Onto Highways, Into Storm Drains […]

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EXIDE BANKRUPTCY NEWS: Dow Jones Bankruptcy Review: Exide could go up for sale before Christmas if bankruptcy deal isn’t reached


DOW JONES DAILY BANKRUPTCY REVIEW Exide Could Go Up for Sale If Bankruptcy Deal Isn’t Reached Peg Brickley October 14, 2014 (c) 2014 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Ailing battery maker Exide Technologies could be up for sale before Christmas if it can’t come to terms with key creditors on a Chapter 11 bankruptcy-exit plan, new court […]

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EXIDE FRISCO BREAKING NEWS – Seriously, is anyone really surprised???? — Frisco accuses Exide of minimizing cleanup at closed plant

Exide Frisco landfills

Anyone who has given even passing attention to Exide’s global record regarding contamination of communities, the passing of decades in some cases before it even begins cleanup and how flawed those cleanups have been will not find this latest chapter in the Exide’s ongoing negative impact on Frisco surprising at all. For a sampling, check our […]

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EXIDE FAIRFIELD BREAKING NEWS: Latest cleanup to begin of Mill River contaminated by lead from Exide smelter plant that was demolished in 2005

Fairfield Exide

FAIRFIELD CITIZEN Latest lead cleanup of Mill River ready to launch Genevieve Reilly Published 6:37 am, Tuesday, October 7, 2014 Equipment is in place in the Mill River at the former Exide Battery site in preparation for dredging to begin. Photo: Genevieve Reilly Dredging more than 20,000 cubic yards of lead-contaminated soil from the Mill River […]

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EXIDE BANKRUPTCY UPDATE: Exide gets approval from lenders for extension of its debtor-in-possession credit facility’s maturity date to March 31, 2015


CNN MONEY Exide Technologies Receives Approval From Lenders to Extend DIP Financing Maturity Date   October 10, 2014: 07:08 AM ET  MILTON, Ga., Oct. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Exide Technologies (OTCQB:XIDEQ), a global leader in stored electrical-energy solutions, announced today that the Company has received all necessary approvals from its lenders, thereby extending its […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS – New California law turns up heat on Exide’s troubled lead smelter in Vernon; Gov. Brown sets deadline for DTSC to give violation-ridden Exide plant permit or shut it down permanently


CLICK HERE TO READ NEW LAW REGARDING EXIDE The Exide measure the governor signed requires the state Department of Toxic Substances Control to either grant the company a full hazardous-waste permit by the end of next year or shut the facility down. The Vernon plant, which has been allowed to operate with a temporary permit, […]

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