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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: All released results show lead in soil samples of homes near Exide smelter

BOYLE HEIGHTS ( — The state Department of Toxic Substances Control said the yards of 104 homes in a Boyle Heights neighborhood have been tested for lead, and released preliminary results Monday for more than half of those homes.

Preliminary results from 62 homes near a battery-recycling facility showed that 12 residences were found to have soil that contains more than 1,000 parts per million of lead.

According to the agency, these homes are a top priority for cleanup.

The agency said 23 homes were found to have soil with more than 400 parts per million and will be cleaned in the second round.

The remaining 27 homes with more than 80 parts per million will be cleaned last.

The DTSC says Exide Technologies has agreed to put up $9 million for cleanup efforts, which will be enough to remove lead from each of the 213 homes in the contaminated area.

But fewer than half the homes have been tested because homeowners haven’t requested the service.

State regulators are calling on the remaining homeowners to allow soil to be tested and cleaned, if necessary, free of charge.

For information about lead testing your home, please email Marina.Perez “at” or call 1-877-225-3887.


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