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EXIDE VERNON UPDATE: DTSC March – Spring 2015 monthly report about investigation, closure and cleanup of Exide lead smelter

This update is issued monthly by DTSC to provide interested community members with information about the Vernon, CA Exide Technologies (Exide) facility. The Monthly Status Update summarizes the investigation, closure, and cleanup activities under California Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC) oversight that occurred through March 2015, as well as activities that are anticipated in the spring of 2015.

Summary of Recent Activities

On-Site: Exide Technologies Facility (Pages 2-4)

  • Exide Facility Closure
  • Order to Ship Waste Off-Site TO MUNCIE, INDIANAOff-Site: Surrounding Residential Properties (Pages 5-7)

    • Soil sampling and soil-clean-up at homes in the Northern and Southern Assessment Areas

• Community Meeting – Save the Date