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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Los Angeles County supervisor calls for immediate action regarding lead contamination found near Exide smelter


County Supervisor Calls For Immediate Action Regarding Lead Contamination Near Exide Facility

October 20, 2015 6:59 PM

LOS ANGELES ( — Days after experts confirmed CBS2’s Randy Paige’s findings of lead contamination near a former Exide Battery-Recycling Facility, Los Angeles County Supervisor Linda Solis has called for immediate action in a motion she introduced Tuesday.

“It’s devastating and horrific because people are being exposed every single day, every minute of their lives,” Solis said.

Earlier this month, CBS2’s tests revealed hazardous waste levels of lead in back yards of homes, along neighborhood sidewalks, in flowerbeds and extremely high levels along the storm channel that leads to the LA River.

Solis is confused as to why it is taking so long for government officials to address the issue.

“We need to move urgently to protect the health of these families,” she said.

Last week, Department of Toxic Substance Control spokeswoman Ana Mascarenas confirmed the hazardous levels of toxic waste present in the area.

“We can say that we’re finding levels that are consistent with what you found in your report,” Mascarenas said.

Solis said that she has been concerned about the contamination surrounding Exide since she came into the office nine months ago.

Solis introduced a motion Tuesday that calls for the allocation of $2 million to inform the residents about the contamination, conduct a rapid assessment to identify which of the 10,000 homes, businesses and public properties are contaminated, and to report back within 60 days with a description of the actions required for a successful and complete clean up.

The board will vote on the motion by next week.

In the hearing, the supervisor recognized Anthony Gutierrez, a cancer patient who spent the first 17 years of his life just a few blocks from the Exide facility.

Gutierrez himself was present at the hearing, and he will be back in a week to make comments to the board before it votes on the motion.

If the motion is passed, immediate action is required.

“I felt good that somethings going to be done now,” Gutierrez said.


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