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From the very beginning, the purpose of this website has been to help inform and educate Frisco citizens about the very real risks to health and property values posed by the continued operation of the Exide Technologies lead battery recycling smelter that sits in the very heart of the community.

By providing citizens such information for review, discussion, sharing, etc., they will be better prepared to assess and measure whether the City of Frisco, the Mayor and City Council are living up to their very public promises to make the health and welfare of Frisco citizens a top priority, and to ensure that the Exide lead smelter either becomes one of the most environmentally advanced plants in the country, or to see that it no longer operates within the city.

JUNE 21, 2011 – Welcome to the official website and hub for Get the LEAD Out of Frisco! – A Community Partnership for a Lead-Free Frisco! We have combined efforts with the folks who were working for a Lead-Free Frisco!

“Val Maso and I would like to thank all the hundreds of Frisco citizens who reached out and enthusiastically responded to sign the petition supporting the passage of Texas Senate Bill 1475. The proposed Bill was pulled in favor of work on a proposed Agreed Order that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) currently is working on with Exide.

“Our community is growing fast, and even though Val and I like to think we know everyone, we don’t. So we really want to hear from you, and we look forward to working with you!”

                                                                                                    Joy West, Get the Lead Out of Frisco! co-chairwoman


This is a multi-step process that includes a public hearing in Austin this Thursday (June 22) where the TCEQ commissioners will review the current version of the proposed Agreed Order, as well as take public comments.

The TCEQ will then come to Frisco on July 28, to get public comment about the proposed Agreed Order and the State Implementation Plan (SIP). All public comments must be gathered and organized by Aug. 8. On Dec. 7, TCEQ commissioners will consider the final approval of the proposed Agreed Order and SIP.

We’re Rolling Up Our Sleeves!
So you see, our work is not done. We want to work together to help provide, you, Frisco citizens, accurate information that will help increase knowledge and understanding about, as well as engagement with this critical issue that is facing our community. And we hope to help effectively communicate the related workings of our City and Exide.

We would also would like to serve as an avenue for citizens to be able to contact us with concerns or questions. We are diligently working to gather accurate, credible information and gain valuable knowledge about this complex issue, and we have expressed to City officials that we are very willing to share information and work with them for the benefit of Frisco residents and our community

We Need YOU!
Our stand is “Get the Lead Out of Frisco!”, and we definitely need your help! This grassroots effort is driven by our care and concern for the health, welfare and safety of Frisco citizens today and tomorrow. Because this is a community partnership, we would love any Frisco citizen to join us.

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Here’s to Getting the LEAD Out of Frisco Together!