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125+ Children, Family Friendly Frisco Locations Within 5-Mile Radius of Exide Lead Smelter

Frisco Exide Lead Smelter Near Children Map

(UPDATE: In April 2012, the Frisco citizens group, Frisco Unleaded, announced the results of a lead deposition study that showed that at least 150 tons of lead had been dumped over most of Frisco over the almost 50 years the Exide lead smelter has been in operation. A link to a downloadable copy of that […]

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INCONCLUSIVE: Blood testing hasn’t answered questions about threat of lead toxicity from Exide plant

(Below is a copy the July 17, 2011, story written by Dallas Morning News reporter Valerie Wigglesworth)  Blood testing hasn’t answered questions about threat from lead smelter By VALERIE WIGGLESWORTH Staff Writer Published 17 July 2011 12:49 AM Blood tests may alleviate individual fears about contamination from a lead smelter in Frisco, but they […]

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EPA EXIDE REPORT SHOWS TCEQ’S WEAKNESSES in protecting public from lead contamination in soil, water

“The Exide Technologies battery recycling plant in Frisco, Texas, provides an unsettling example of how difficult it is to protect the public from industrial pollutants, like lead, and illustrates problems when the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the state’s environmental regulatory agency, concentrates efforts on air emissions only.” Read all of the excellent summary […]

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CONTAMINATED SOIL, DUST NEW PATHWAYS to lead poisoning in children; Risk increases in summer months

Exide has been poisoning Frisco’s air with tons of toxic lead emissions for more than four decades, and it is known to have some of the highest lead emissions in the United States. But it’s not just the air that Exide has made toxic and dangerous, it is the land and soil surrounding the smelter.  […]

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Citizens express concerns about Exide staying in Frisco at public meeting

In her story about Exide Technologies’ first public meeting to address community concerns about the plant’s lead emissions and non-attainment status, Dallas Morning News reporter Valerie Wigglesworth wrote: “The questions were heated at times. Emotions ran high. And there was a round of applause each time a speaker suggested the plant didn’t belong in Frisco […]

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Dallas Morning News: Frisco Residents Showing Increasing Concern About Lead Emissions

Written by Valerie Wigglesworth, DMN staff writer and published on April 3, 2011, the story reveals the growing concern among Frisco residents about the level of lead emissions and resulting air and soil contamination coming from Exide’s plant. Regarding Frisco, the story notes that “lead released into the air is measured by the ton.” Also, […]

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Frisco High School Ranks Among Highest in Ranking of U.S. Schools Exposed to Lead, Toxic Chemicals; 37 Frisco School Cited in Report

Frisco High School Exposure to Lead/Toxic Chemicals

In the USA Today Special Report, “The Smokestack Effect: Toxic Air and America’s Schools“, Frisco had several schools rank within the top 15th percentile – Frisco High School ranked in the 2nd highest percentile – for the schools in the U.S. with the most toxic air. USA TODAY used an EPA model to track the […]

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