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Dallas Morning News: Frisco Residents Showing Increasing Concern About Lead Emissions

Written by Valerie Wigglesworth, DMN staff writer and published on April 3, 2011, the story reveals the growing concern among Frisco residents about the level of lead emissions and resulting air and soil contamination coming from Exide’s plant. Regarding Frisco, the story notes that “lead released into the air is measured by the ton.” Also, […]

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Frisco High School Ranks Among Highest in Ranking of U.S. Schools Exposed to Lead, Toxic Chemicals; 37 Frisco School Cited in Report

Frisco High School Exposure to Lead/Toxic Chemicals

In the USA Today Special Report, “The Smokestack Effect: Toxic Air and America’s Schools“, Frisco had several schools rank within the top 15th percentile – Frisco High School ranked in the 2nd highest percentile – for the schools in the U.S. with the most toxic air. USA TODAY used an EPA model to track the […]

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