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EPA UPDATE: Frisco citizens met with EPA officials about Exide in October; Follow-up letter poses more questions, asks for answers

Frisco Unleaded Letter to EPA Graphic

Members of the Frisco Unleaded: Exide Out! citizens group met with senior Region 6 EPA officials on October 6, to discuss their growing concerns about the negative impact of the Exide lead smelter. The group followed up its meeting with a seven-page letter to Carl Edlund, the EPA’s Region 6 director for multimedia planning and […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Attend City Council meeting TONIGHT to learn more about possible public hearings about zoning ordinance changes that could impact Exide plant

While we don’t have many details at all right now, the City of Frisco possibly seems to be considering some type of action related to the Exide lead smelter. Below is what we know right now: MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND TONIGHT’S CITY COUNCIL MEETING TO FIND OUT MORE! Exide has filed its application to Frisco […]

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Citizens group collects 1,500-plus cans to spotlight concerns about Exide

Below is a copy of the a story written by Dallas Morning News reporter Valerie Wigglesworth about the results of the Frisco Unleaded: Exide Out citizens group’s “Can Exide” food drive. To get more information, here is a link to the news release about the event that was distributed by the group. Valerie Wigglesworth/Reporter […]

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Get your Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet Created for Frisco

Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet - Howard Mileke

To get a downloadable copy of this Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet prepared for Frisco residents by Dr. Howard Mileke, click here.  

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NATIONAL LEAD POISIONING PREVENTION WEEK: Get Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet created for Frisco by leading expert on lead toxicity, contamination

Dr. Howard Mileke, Ph.D., who is considered one of the world’s leading experts on lead toxicity and contamination, has created a Lead Poisoning Prevent Tip Sheet for Frisco residents, and those around the world, in recognition of National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. You can download a pdf copy of the Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet […]

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NATIONAL LEAD POISONING PREVENTION WEEK: 40,000 DFW children under 6 have dangerous blood lead levels – Find local events


National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is Oct. 23 through Oct. 29, and below is local and national information, including an article by the Dallas Morning News’ Valerie Wigglesworth that reports that data shows 40,000 DFW area children under 6 years of in Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant counties have blood lead levels of as least […]

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Strength in Numbers: More Frisco residents join together to get Frisco Unleaded: Exide Out

(This is a copy of a story about the new citizens group – Frisco Unleaded: Exide Out – written by Valerie Wigglesworth in the Oct. 8, edition of the Dallas Morning News)   Frisco residents banding together to get Exide plant out of town By VALERIE WIGGLESWORTH Staff Writer Published: 08 October 2011 08:43 […]

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TODAY IS THE DEADLINE FOR TCEQ STAFF TO COORDINATE PUBLIC COMMENT ABOUT THE PROPOSED SIP AND AGREED ORDER FOR EXIDE, WHICH ARE DEEPLY FLAWED. If you are concerned about the shortcomings and flaws in the proposed Agreed Order/SIP that the TCEQ and Exide crafted together that will allow the Exide lead smelter to continue to […]

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And bring your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers!

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(UPDATE: In April 2012, the Frisco citizens group, Frisco Unleaded, announced the results of a lead deposition study that showed that at least 150 tons of lead had been dumped over most of Frisco over the almost 50 years the Exide lead smelter has been in operation. A link to a downloadable copy of that […]

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And your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers!

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YOUR VOICE NEEDED THIS THURSDAY, JULY 28TH! Join your neighbors at TCEQ public hearing

If you are concerned about the significant shortcomings of the proposed Agreed Order that the TCEQ and Exide are crafting to determine how much of the toxic emissions from Exide’s aging, and poorly maintained lead battery recycling plant will continue to contaminate the air with lead particles that fall in the heart of our community […]

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MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD: TCEQ to start taking public comment Friday

Here is an excellent opportunity for you to let the TCEQ know what you think about its proposed Agreed Order dealing with Exide’s continuing emissions of lead and other toxic chemicals in our community. Public comments will be accepted online by clicking here. People can also send their comments by mail to Holly Brightwell, MC […]

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WHAT DO YOU THINK? SB 1475 vs. Proposed Agreed Order

Ever wonder what the difference is between what was proposed in Sen. Florence Shapiro’s SB 1475 to get Exide to reduce its lead emissions and the proposed Agreed Order that replaced the it? See the PDF version here!. Then let us know what you think!

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(This is a copy of the letter that Get the LEAD Out of Frisco! Co-chairwoman Joy West will present in person at this week’s City Council meeting. You can get a PDF copy this letter here. And please plan to support Joy and Get the LEAD Out of Frisco! at this Thursday’s (June 23) City […]

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