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EXIDE FRISCO BREAKING NEWS – Seriously, is anyone really surprised???? — Frisco accuses Exide of minimizing cleanup at closed plant

Exide Frisco landfills

Anyone who has given even passing attention to Exide’s global record regarding contamination of communities, the passing of decades in some cases before it even begins cleanup and how flawed those cleanups have been will not find this latest chapter in the Exide’s ongoing negative impact on Frisco surprising at all. For a sampling, check our […]

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EXIDE FAIRFIELD BREAKING NEWS: Latest cleanup to begin of Mill River contaminated by lead from Exide smelter plant that was demolished in 2005

Fairfield Exide

FAIRFIELD CITIZEN Latest lead cleanup of Mill River ready to launch Genevieve Reilly Published 6:37 am, Tuesday, October 7, 2014 Equipment is in place in the Mill River at the former Exide Battery site in preparation for dredging to begin. Photo: Genevieve Reilly Dredging more than 20,000 cubic yards of lead-contaminated soil from the Mill River […]

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EXIDE BANKRUPTCY UPDATE: Exide gets approval from lenders for extension of its debtor-in-possession credit facility’s maturity date to March 31, 2015


CNN MONEY Exide Technologies Receives Approval From Lenders to Extend DIP Financing Maturity Date   October 10, 2014: 07:08 AM ET  MILTON, Ga., Oct. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Exide Technologies (OTCQB:XIDEQ), a global leader in stored electrical-energy solutions, announced today that the Company has received all necessary approvals from its lenders, thereby extending its […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS – New California law turns up heat on Exide’s troubled lead smelter in Vernon; Gov. Brown sets deadline for DTSC to give violation-ridden Exide plant permit or shut it down permanently


CLICK HERE TO READ NEW LAW REGARDING EXIDE The Exide measure the governor signed requires the state Department of Toxic Substances Control to either grant the company a full hazardous-waste permit by the end of next year or shut the facility down. The Vernon plant, which has been allowed to operate with a temporary permit, […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: UPDATED – Community residents and environmental justice groups rally to urge California Gov. Jerry Brown for stronger laws against toxic polluters and to clean up Exide and the DTSC


RELEASE: COMMUNITY CALLS ON GOVERNOR TO CLEAN UP EXIDE & REFORM STATE’S TOXICS AGENCY  URGE SIGNATURE ON SB 712 (LARA) AND SB 812 (DE LEÓN) September 18, 2014 Senator Kevin de León, Rev. Msgr. John Moretta, and L.A. City Councilmemer Jose Huizar and Boyle Heights/South East L.A. Residents LOS ANGELES – Urging Governor Jerry Brown […]

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EXIDE FRISCO BREAKING NEWS: Exide to hold Frisco lead smelter closure Community Open House Sept. 18


From ad in the Dallas Morning News:   EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES FRISCO RECYCLING CENTER CLOSURE COMMUNITY OPEN HOUSE SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 Frisco Heritage Center 6499 Page St., Frisco, TX 75034 Company representatives and technical consultants will be available from 6:30-8:00PM to discuss key project components with interested members of the community

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Exide targeted in Federal criminal probe of Vernon plant


CLICK HERE TO READ EXIDE’S 10-Q FILING WITH THE SEC WALL STREET JOURNAL Exide Targeted in Federal Criminal Probe of California Plant Battery Maker Receives Grand Jury Subpoena Involving Lead-Recycling Plant August 15, 2014 12:02 PM By PEG BRICKLEY Exide Technologies has been hit with a grand jury subpoena in connection with a criminal investigation […]

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EXIDE BANKRUPTCY BREAKING NEWS: Federal judge rules that Exide executives can’t escape investor lawsuit over environmental issues


“These allegations support that the [company’s Vernon, California-based] facility was critical to Exide’s operations, and that the environmental contamination issues at Vernon were severe,” Judge Wilson said. “In conjunction with Exide’s environmental reporting system, these allegations support a cogent inference that defendants were aware of Vernon’s environmental issues… Further, given the plaintiffs had provided statements […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: LA Board of Supervisors send letter to California Gov. Brown blasting ‘piece-meal approach’, slow testing, cleanup of lead from Exide smelter; Seek review of DTSC actions that have allowed Exide to operate for decades without full permit and failed prosecution of Exide’s repeated serious environmental violations


“This piece-meal approach to an urgent environmental hazard violates the clear commitments made to the County and community leaders by DTSC,” the letter says. “County officials have repeatedly urged the State to prepare for recalcitrance by Exide and take the necessary steps to ensure that all 39 homes were tested and remediated without delay…  Supervisors […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: East LA residents demand testing, cleanup near Exide battery plant

Exide East LA Residents Demand Cleanup

CBS LOS ANGELES East LA Residents Demand Testing, Cleanup Near Exide Battery Plant August 11, 2014 8:36 PM EAST LOS ANGELES ( — East Los Angeles residents are demanding cleanup efforts near the Exide Technologies battery recycling plant expand amid fears toxic contamination is more widespread than originally thought. Hazardous-materials workers Monday began removing lead-contaminated dirt from the yard of a […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Exide begins removing lead-tainted soil from homes near Vernon smelter; State expands soil testing for lead from Exide plant to at least 144 more homes

Exide Vernon home cleanup

89.2 KPCC – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RADIO Exide to remove lead-polluted soil from 2 homes north of its Vernon plant By Molly Peterson August 11, 09:06 PM Exide begins to remove lead-polluted soil on Monday morning at a house on the 1200 block of La Puerta Street in Boyle Heights.   MAYA SUGARMAN/KPCC AUDIO FROM […]

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EDITORIAL- LOS ANGELES TIMES: Needed: A Department of Toxic Substances Control worthy of its name


The Exide battery recycling plant in Vernon has been accused of endangering more than 100,000 people with its arsenic emissions and is being investigated as the source of lead contamination in nearby backyards. (Los Angeles Times) By THE TIMES EDITORIAL BOARD  What good is a Department of Toxic Substances Control that doesn’t control toxic substances? The […]

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EXIDE NEGATIVE IMPACT ON OTHER COMMUNITIES BREAKING NEWS: Missouri Department of Natural Resources cites Exide’s Forest City smelter in violation of federal laws for lead emissions from March through December 2013; Indiana Department of Environmental Management cites Exide lead smelter in Muncie for neglecting its contingency plan for emergencies such as fire, explosions and spills


MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES Exide’s Forest City , MO, smelter On June 26, 2o14, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources released its Air Quality Analysis for Lead which showed Exide’s Forest City lead smelter repeatedly exceeding federal law for lead emissions from March, 2013 through December, 2013. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REPORT – […]

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EXIDE VERNON UPDATE: Residents don’t trust Exide to live up to deal


EGPNEWS.COM Residents Don’t Trust Exide to Live Up to Deal By Nancy Martinez, EGP Staff Writer A decision by state air quality regulators that could allow a controversial acid-lead battery recycling plant in Vernon to reopen by the end of the year is being met with anger by people living near the facility. At a […]

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EXIDE VERNON NEWS – With conditions, Exide smelter may be allowed to reopen and try to prove it can operate without putting nearby residents at risk again


STORY COMPILED FROM THE LOS ANGELES TIMES & RECYCLING TODAY Recycler Is Allowed to Reopen, With Conditions – Los Angeles Times Agreement May Allow Exide to Reopen California Smelter – Recycling Today By TONY BARBOZA, Los Angeles Times and Recycling Today staff July 11 and July 12, 2014 Exide Technologies plant can reopen, but only after […]

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EXIDE BANKRUPTCY BREAKING NEWS: Exide asks bankruptcy court to approve $65 million in additional debtor-in-possesion financing to bridge way through negotiations on Plan of Reorganization submitted by unofficial committee of secured creditors

exide POR

Law 360 Exide Seeks $65M In Additional Bankruptcy Financing By Matt Chiappardi Law360, Wilmington (July 07, 2014, 7:05 PM ET) — Battery maker Exide Technologies Inc. asked the Delaware bankruptcy court to approve $65 million in additional debtor-in-possession financing to bridge its way through negotiations on a Chapter 11 plan connected to a reorganization proposal the debtor […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Considered a “total win” by some, South Coast Air Quality Management District reaches agreement with Exide that bars Vernon smelter from resuming operations until new arsenic emission controls are installed and measures are taken to prevent lead-contaminated dust from being released during construction, maintenance; Agency’s abatement orders to be considered during public meeting TONIGHT – JULY 9 – at Maywood Academy High School; Plant may reopen late this year or early 2015


David Pettit, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council, called the deal “a total win for the air district.” “They’re getting everything they want in terms of getting the facility to comply with the new, very strict regulations that it has on its books and all the litigation goes away,” he said. But the […]

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EXIDE BANKRUPTCY BREAKING NEWS: Exide informs bankruptcy court about Plan of Reorganization submitted by unofficial committee of senior secured note holders; deadline for Exide submitting its own Plan of Reorganization extended once again – to July 31.

exide POR

From Exide’s news release: “The non-binding POR proposal contemplates substantial deleveraging of the Company’s debt by more than $700 million, a sizable investment of new equity capital, and new debt to fund the Exide Chapter 11 emergence and post-emergence business — including liquidity and working capital to support the Company’s operations, seasonality and growth of […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Deficient for a third time — after regulators have allowed it to operate with temporary permit for decades — DTSC gives Exide 30 days to submit appropriate application or lose permission to handle hazardous waste

30 days

“A notice issued Tuesday by state regulators faults Exide Technologies for failing to describe the amount of lead-contaminated waste on the site, underestimating the cost to clean it up and not including a safety assessment for hazardous waste-holding tanks that could spill in an earthquake, among other deficiencies.” – Los Angeles Times “For decades, Exide has […]

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EXIDE BANKRUPTCY BREAKING NEWS: Court gives Exide 30-day exclusivity extension to file its Plan of Reorgnaization; Exide president expresses commitment to investment in plants and facilities — perhaps to bring them into compliance with state and federal regulations? No mention made of any Exide plans for communities negatively impacted by its violation-plagued current and former operations


While Exide’s Caruso stated that the company “continues to invest in its business, and this amendment to the DIP supports our commitment to ongoing improvements in our operations and facilities,” he made no mention of what plans Exide has to address the communities that have been negatively impacted by the plant’s emissions of lead, arsenic and […]

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