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BREAKING NEWS: Frisco citizens group and City disagree over testing levels for clean up of land surrounding Exide lead smelter site


Below are stories regarding the disagreement between Frisco Unleaded and the City of Frisco regarding testing levels for the clean up of land surrounding the Exide lead smelter which closed in November 2012: FRISCO ENTERPRISE Advocacy group claims Exide not meeting cleanup standard, city disagrees The demolition of Exide’s Frisco lead-acid battery recycling plant is […]

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MEDIA ROUND-UP: Exide’s Public Meeting – Clean up at Frisco lead smelter on pause


WFAA by JOBIN PANICKER Bio | EmailWFAA Sports Posted on May 9, 2013 at 10:56 PM Updated yesterday at 11:38 PM FRISCO — It’s been six months since Exide shut down its facility in Frisco. Residents at a public meeting on Thursday night saw the progress through pictures of the demolition at the former battery-recycler. […]

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UPDATE: Concerns hamper cleanup at Exide’s closed lead smelter in Frisco


This story below was published Wednesday, May 8, 2013, in the Dallas Morning News: Concerns hamper cleanup at closed Exide plant in Frisco By VALERIE WIGGLESWORTH Staff Writer Published: 08 May 2013 11:01 PM Updated: 08 May 2013 11:01 PM Decontamination of buildings that once housed the Exide Technologies battery recycling plant is complete. […]

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FRISCO UPDATE: Exide sets May 9 for public meeting to discuss demolition of Frisco lead smelter

May 9, 2013

To read the full story in the Frisco Enterprise, click here

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BREAKING NEWS: California Assembly Speaker calls for immediate action to be taken regarding threats to public health from Exide’s Vernon, CA plant


Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez today called on the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to take immediate action regarding the threats to public health from the Exide plant in Los Angeles. In a letter to DTSC Director Debbie Raphael, Speaker Pérez, who represents residents jeopardized by emissions from the plant, called for an […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Los Angeles City Council committee asks City Attorney to explore legal action against Exide for toxic plant emissions; inquires about employee cancer rate


By Elizabeth Hsing-Huei Chou, City News Service The City Council’s Energy and Environment Committee instructed the City Attorney’s Office and staff Wednesday to report back on how the city can take legal action against Exide Technologies, owners of a Vernon-based battery recycling facility recently cited for emitting potentially harmful levels of arsenic into nearby neighborhoods. […]

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LA City Council irate over Exide’s arsenic emissions; Agency report states Exide’s plant’s cancer risk higher and affects more people than any of other 450 area facilities


From The Los Angeles Times: Los Angeles City Council members Wednesday expressed fury at recent revelations that arsenic emissions from a battery-recycling plant in nearby Vernon pose a danger to as many as 110,000 people, and called upon the city attorney to look into possible legal action. “I’m outraged. I’m appalled,” said Councilman Jose Huizar, […]

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EPA has concerns about Exide’s plans to treat landfill

EPA raises concerns about Exide landfill cleanup in Frisco By VALERIE WIGGLESWORTH Staff Writer Published: 05 February 2013 10:35 PM Updated: 05 February 2013 10:35 PM The Environmental Protection Agency has raised concerns about state-approved plans to allow Exide Technologies to treat hazardous waste in its nonhazardous landfill in Frisco. The concerns were outlined […]

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EXIDE’S NEGATIVE IMPACT ON OTHER COMMUNITIES: More than 20 years after Exide closed plant in Frankfort, IN, demolition and property clean-up underway; Concerns about health, environmental hazards warrant community, multi-agency oversight

Frankfort Exide plant demolition

City and county officials in Frankfort, Indiana are overseeing the cleanup and demolition of the long-standing Exide Battery site, which is already under way, for environmental purposes. The Exide lead battery plant was closed more than 20 years ago, and the area has been a blighted one since. The Frankfort building inspector contacted Exide in […]

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GHOST FACTORIES UPDATE: EPA re-examining 460 former lead factory sites for health hazards from lead deposited in soil in nearby neighborhoods


In response to USA TODAY’s award-winning investigation, the  EPA is re-examining more than 460 former lead factory sites across the USA for health hazards left by toxic fallout onto soil in nearby neighborhoods. Read the entire story below: In response to USA TODAY’s “Ghost Factories” investigation, the EPA and states are already finding lead poisoning […]

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BREAKING NEWS: EPA to begin digging up dangerous lead contamination in soil around New Jersey homes after USA TODAY investigation

From USA TODAY: The Environmental Protection Agency will begin digging up dangerous lead contamination this month around a dozen homes in New Jersey, part of one of the largest state efforts yet to re-examine health risks posed by soil near hundreds of old factory locations identified by a USA TODAY investigation. Regulators in at least […]

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CONNECT THE DOTS TO EXIDE AND FRISCO: Ghost Factories, Poisoned Places and Toxic Schools

Smelters and Lead Poisoning_ Ghost Factories -

According to the Frisco Unleaded citizen’s  group study released last week, Frisco is a community with a significant toxic lead dust legacy that will only grow as long as Exide continues to operate and spew a lead-arsenic-cadmium-dioxin laced cocktail into the heart of the community. And if you read the excellent, incredibly comprehensive investigative work […]

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POISONED PLACES REPORT: Frisco and Reading, PA, share similarities in ongoing problems with Exide plants


This story by Center for Public Integrity Reporter Jim Morris focuses on the ongoing issues and problems related to Exide that residents in Reading, PA, are dealing with. There are many similarities to Exide and Frisco: Below are quotes from an Exide statement. The company refused to be interviewed for the story. How do these […]

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UPDATED EPA REPORT: Frisco Exide plant still exceeds legal limits for lead emissions one year later

Exide Frisco lead smelter smoke stacks graphic

The Frisco Exide lead smelter was among the locations initially cited on the EPA’s first Nonattainment Designations list released last November. (And Exide has a total  of six plants on the EPA Non-attainment Designations List, more than any other company.) Recent monitoring reports for the Frisco plant that the EPA released last week show that […]

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BREAKING NEWS: TCEQ takes formal enforcement action against Frisco Exide plant because of dangerously high levels of lead, cadmium found during May/June inspections

From May 6, 2011 to June 29, 2011, the TCEQ DFW Region office conducted four separate investigations at the Frisco Exide Techonologies lead battery recycling plant to evaluate compliance with requirements for Industrial Solid Waste and Municipal Hazardous Waste. During the inspections, TCEQ officials found dangerously high levels of lead and cadmium – enough to […]

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BREAKING NEWS: EPA Issues Administrative Order Against Exide Frisco Citing Potential Soil and Water Contamination

EPA Administrative Order Exide

Based on the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Corrective Action / multi-media inspection the EPA conducted at the Frisco Exide lead smelter in December 2009 and March 2010, as well as a file review of historical records, the agency has stated that the inspections indicate potential soil, groundwater, sediment and surface water contamination resulting […]

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Professional Engineer and co-founder of Houston-based Spirit Environmental Jess McAngus has reviewed the proposed TCEQ State Implementation Plan – SIP – proposal for Exide’s lead smelter, and he has prepared detailed comments addressing the proposal’s many shortcomings that will prevent the Frisco lead smelter from meeting legal requirements for safe air quality standards. He also […]

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With Flawed TCEQ plan, Exide Won’t Meet Air Safety Standards

Find out more about the flawed TCEQ plan that, if approved, will allow the Exide lead smelter in the heart of Frisco to not meet legal standards for safe air quality.  

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(UPDATE: In April 2012, the Frisco citizens group, Frisco Unleaded, announced the results of a lead deposition study that showed that at least 150 tons of lead had been dumped over most of Frisco over the almost 50 years the Exide lead smelter has been in operation. A link to a downloadable copy of that […]

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125+ Children, Family Friendly Frisco Locations Within 5-Mile Radius of Exide Lead Smelter

Frisco Exide Lead Smelter Near Children Map

(UPDATE: In April 2012, the Frisco citizens group, Frisco Unleaded, announced the results of a lead deposition study that showed that at least 150 tons of lead had been dumped over most of Frisco over the almost 50 years the Exide lead smelter has been in operation. A link to a downloadable copy of that […]

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