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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Arsenic emissions from Exide lead smelter pose “chronic hazard”


LOS ANGELES TIMES Arsenic emissions from Vernon firm Exide pose ‘chronic hazard’ Emissions from battery recycler Exide pose a ‘chronic hazard’ to more than 250,000 people in surrounding areas, air district officials say. Risks include neurological changes in children. The latest report comes after a health-risk report released in the spring showed elevated arsenic emissions […]

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The Burden of Lead: West Dallas deals with contamination decades later


From By VALERIE WIGGLESWORTH The low-income neighborhood of older wood-frame homes in West Dallas is a far cry from the suburb of newly built brick houses in Frisco 30 miles to the north. But the two North Texas communities share a bond: Both were contaminated by industrial lead for nearly half a century. The […]

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MEDIA ROUND-UP – Exide Technologies closes Frisco lead smelter

Closed Sign

Below is a round-up of news stories regarding the  Nov. 30 closing of the Exide Techologies lead smelter in Frisco: November 30, 2012 Dallas Morning News Exide Technologies shuts down Frisco plant today By Valerie Wigglesworth Exide Technologies will shut down by 11 a.m. today, ending nearly a half century of operations in Frisco. The […]

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CONNECT THE DOTS / MEDIA ROUND-UP: Thanks to TCEQ, Frisco’s Lead Legacy continues; Exide gets 14 more months to dump another ton of lead over Frisco

Exide Frisco lead smelter smoke stacks graphic

The TCEQ’s most recent proposed Agreed Order extends the deadline Exide has to bring basic controls and maintenance procedures up to minimum standards for lead emissions by 14 months, from this November to January 2014. If the Agreed Order is approved by TCEQ commissioners on May 30, the agency will essentially have given Exide permission […]

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TAKE ACTION TODAY: 7 key reasons to attend Planning & Zoning and City Council meetings TONIGHT, Dec. 27!

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#1 – If you believe that the present and future health and welfare of the residents and community of Frisco are more important than Exide Technologies continuing to operate an aging, poorly maintained lead smelter in the heart of the community that daily spews a highly toxic cocktail of chemical “dust” – including lead, arsenic, […]

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UPDATED EPA LIST: Exide has most plants in violation of air safety laws for lead emissions


Last week, the EPA added five sites to its Lead National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) Non-attainment Designations list, making a total of 21 areas and parts of 22 counties across 15 states and Puerto Rico that are in violation of federal air quality health standards for lead emissions. You can download a copy of […]

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