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An internationally recognized scientist, researcher and lead expert, Dr. Howard Mielke’s work on accumulated environmental sources of lead and its association with childhood lead poisoning in inner city environments is recognized as pioneering research. His research also highlighted the need to remove lead from gasoline, and it played a key role in that successful effort. He has been interviewed several times for Dallas Morning News articlesDr. Howard Mielke regarding Frisco’s ongoing lead contamination issues.

Dr. Mielke’s biography and his list of publications regarding lead and health issues are available through the Tulane Xavier Center for Biomedical Research.



Dr. Mileke Received Federal Grant for Lead Research, Remediation of Lead Contamination in Metro Areas


To understand the issue and importance of lead contamination in the air and soil, here is a selection of research reports. CLICK ON THE GREEN LINKS TO ACCESS THE REPORTS.



Howard W. Mielke and Patrick L. ReaganSoil is pathway to human lead exposure

This review shows the greater
importance of leaded gasoline compared to
lead-based paint as a source of exposure,
and that soil lead resulting from leaded
gasoline, pulverized lead-based paint, and
other sources is equally or more important
than lead-based paint (intact or not pulverized)
as a pathway of human lead exposure.



This Public Health Statement tells you about lead and the effects of exposure to it. It is the summary chapter from the Toxicological Profile for Lead from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Division of Toxicology and Environmental Medicine.

When a substance is released either from a large
area, such as an industrial plant, or from a container,
such as a drum or bottle, it enters the environment.
Such a release does not always lead to exposure.
You can be exposed to a substance only when you
come in contact with it. You may be exposed by
breathing, eating, or drinking the substance, or by
skin contact.
If you are exposed to lead, many factors will
determine whether you will be harmed. These
factors include the dose (how much), the duration
(how long), and how you come in contact with it.

You can download a PDF copy of the Public Health Statement here