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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS MEDIA ROUNDUP: Finally, some action from California Gov. Jerry Brown on Exide’s widespread contamination of 10,000 homes, and toxic exposure of 100,000 people

Exide Cleanup

“After years of silence, Gov. Jerry Brown Wednesday asked California state lawmakers to spend nearly $177 million for expedited testing and cleanup of lead contamination in communities around the former Exide plant in Vernon…” From KPCC story below “…And young activists from East Yard Communities from Environmental Justice are not so sure that Brown’s proposal to expedite […]

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EXIDE VERNON: California Assembly questions actions on Exide

California Asssemby

EGPNEWS.COM Assembly Questions Actions on Exide By Nancy Martinez, EGP Staff Writer Years of public outrage over the Exide Technologies’ contamination of cities and neighborhoods in the east and southeast Los Angeles area finally appears to be getting the attention of state legislators, likely in response to growing accusations that California has a double standard […]

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