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EXIDE VERNON EDITORIAL – LOS ANGELES TIMES: It’s unacceptable to delay Exide cleanup when public health is at stake

Exide Kills - Baby

WHY? WHY? WHY? MAKE THE ALL RESPONSIBLE OFFICIALS FROM MUNICIPAL TO FEDERAL LEVEL ANSWER THIS QUESTION – HONESTLY! NOW!!  #NOMORETIME #NOMOREEXCUSES #NOMORELIES Earlier this month, state officials revealed that they had found nearly 250 spots on 203 properties near the former Exide battery recycling plant where levels of brain-damaging lead were more than 10 times higher than California’s health standard […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Efforts to clean up contamination from Exide lead smelter incomplete in most cases


KPCC – 89.3 – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RADIO Exide cleanup efforts are incomplete in most cases A sign posted in front one of the first houses in Boyle Heights that had its lead-tainted soil removed. MAYA SUGARMAN/KPCC CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE AUDIO FROM THIS STORY – 4:48 minutes October 28 2015 Elizabeth Aguilera The state […]

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