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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Why does it take KCBS to do top toxics regulator’s job?

Exide Contamination Boyle Heights

CAPITOL WATCHDOG Why Does It Take KCBS To Do Top Toxics Regulator’s Job? Submitted by Liza Tucker on Thu, 10/15/2015 – 12:11 UPDATE: 12 hours after we posted this blog, top DTSC and Los Angeles County Environmental Health Department inspectors descended on a home where a toddler lives near the now-shuttered Exide lead battery recycler […]

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EXIDE BREAKING NEWS: CBS2/KCAL investigation forces DTSC investigators to confirm much-worse-than-previously thought hazardous-waste level of lead contamination from Exide’s lead smelter found in Boyle Heights backyards where children play, in front yards of homes, along sidewalks and in the storm channel that leads to the Los Angeles River; Very high levels of contamination threatens health of children and adults in the area

Boyle Heights Exide lead contamination

Los Angeles County Director of Environmental Health Angelo Bellomo says that if the State doesn’t notify the residents of the dangers in the estimated 10,000 homes, then the County will. State and County investigators today said that the contamination CBS2/KCAL9 found requires, “immediate action”. The real question is, how many more days will the children […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Frustrated residents still await contamination cleanup from Exide lead smelter

Exide East LA Residents Demand Cleanup

CBS2/KCAL9 rented a device certified by the EPA to provide instant readings of the amount of lead in soil or dust. The state says that residential soil with more than 80 parts per million should be removed because even tiny amounts of lead can affect young children’s brains, causing learning disabilities and other serious problems. The […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Brown signs bill that increases DTSC’s power

dtsc logo

LOS ANGELES TIMES California’s toxics enforcer is given sharper teeth Neighbors of the Exide Technologies battery-recycling plant, shown, have complained that the state has been too slow to test and clean up lead-contaminated parcels surrounding the Vernon plant, which is now closed.  (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times) October 2, 2015, 7:59 p.m. […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Residents demand state agencies clean up Exide lead contamination now

Exide Vernon Meeting

“No matter what is in that soil, it’s a result of your failure,” said Terry Cano. “Clean it up first and figure it out later.” EGPNews.com Residents Demand State Agencies Clean Exide Contamination Now By Nancy Martinez, EGP Staff Writer For the first 17 years of his life, Jose Anthony Gutierrez lived in Vernon, not […]

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EXIDE VERNON UPDATE: Wider lead contamination path from Exide smelter hasn’t sparked more blood tests

Exide blood lead tests

Wider Exide contamination hasn’t sparked more blood lead tests Toxics regulators announced an additional $7 million for testing and cleanup in an expanded area around the now-closed Exide plant in Vernon, but it did little to mute criticisms from activists who say that lead contamination should be prompting faster response.  MOLLY PETERSON/KPCC Elizabeth Aguilera August 27 […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Exide can’t put together proper closure plan, but absolves itself of blame for California’s largest toxic cleanup and public health threat

STREETSBLOGLA.COM Exide: Can’t Put Together Proper Closure Plan but Absolves Itself of Blame for Massive Public Health Disaster Tuesday, August 25, 2015 by Sahra Sulaiman “I want you to take a good look at me, ” a fragile-looking young man with a curved spine, hunched shoulders, and gangly arms addressed members of the Exide Community Advisory Committee […]

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EXIDE VERNON – Los Angeles Times Editorial: How to pay for cleaning up all of the contamination from the Exide lead smelter


Although lax enforcement of environmental laws certainly played a part in this 30-year fiasco, Exide ultimately should be held responsible for the expense.  LOS ANGELES TIMES EDITORIAL How to pay for cleaning up the Exide mess In a photo taken in 2013 by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control during an inspection, the state wrote […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Where will California get the more than $390 million required to clean up lead contamination from possibly as many as 10,000 homes near Exide smelter?


CBS LOS ANGELES   Where Will State Get The More Than $390M Required To Clean Up Homes Contaminated By Exide Battery Plant August 21, 2015 9:35 PM HUNTINGTON PARK (CBSLA.com)  —  By all accounts, the numbers are staggering. As many as 10,000 homes contaminated. As much as $400 million to clean up the toxic mess left […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: DTSC borrows $7 million from other hazardous waste cleanups in California as stop-gap measure for testing and lead contamination removal from larger area and possibly as many as 10,000 homes near Exide lead smelter

Exide Vernon

KPCC 89.3 New Exide soil removal funds borrowed from other contamination cleanups CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AUDIO VERSION OF STORY Molly Peterson August 21, 04:04 PM Toxics regulators announced an additional $7 million for testing and cleanup in an expanded area around the now-closed Exide plant in Vernon, but it did little to mute […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Residents express ire about decades of irresponsible oversight from municipal to federal level of violation-ridden Exide lead smelter and slow pace and underestimated scope of cleanup

Exide Vernon

“Why am I hearing about a plan to make another plan?” said Terry Gonzalez-Cano, whose Boyle Heights home was tested last year. She said the tests of her yard detected lead levels as high as 1,550 parts per million and that she was still waiting for it to be cleaned up. Clean up the properties […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Brown urged to appoint independent oversight of cleanup of possibly up to 10,000 homes contaminated with toxic lead dust from Exide smelter


LOS ANGELES TIMES Exide cleanup: L.A. County supervisor wants independent oversight Shown is the now-shuttered Exide Technologies battery recycling plant in Vernon.  (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times) By TONY BARBOZA A Los Angeles County supervisor is urging California Gov. Jerry Brown to appoint an independent expert to oversee a soil cleanup of potentially […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Jerry Brown establishes independent panel to oversee reform of California’s troubled Department of Toxic Substance Control


LOS ANGELES TIMES Outside panel will oversee California’s troubled toxic waste regulator The Department of Toxic Substances Control visits the Exide battery recycling plant in Vernon in 2014. (Department of Toxic Substances Control) By TONY BARBOZA The budget signed this week by Gov. Jerry Brown establishes an independent panel to oversee the California Department of Toxic […]

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EXIDE VERNON – California Gov. Jerry Brown’s environmental messages conflict with lax oversight of Exide – the state’s No. 1 toxic polluter – and veto of efforts to strengthen oversight of regulatory agencies charged to protect public health and environment

Jerry Brown

THE SACRAMENTO BEE While promoting climate policies in Washington, Jerry Brown weathers fire at home BY DAVID SIDERS DSIDERS@SACBEE.COM Gov. Jerry Brown made national headlines in D.C. last week while his environmental stewardship was criticized back home. SUSAN WALSH THE ASSOCIATED PRESS One reason Gov. Jerry Brown flew to Washington last week was to promote California’s environmental […]

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VERNON EXIDE EDITORIAL: Exide to close, Now What? – Especially given decades of no or little oversight, enforcement from federal agencies, California Governor’s office to state and regional regulatory agencies

Exide closed

EGPNEWS.COM Exide to Close, Now What? By EGP Editorial The U.S. Attorney’s announcement March 12 that it has reached an agreement with Exide Technologies to close its Vernon plant is certainly good news given the facility’s troubling history of toxic chemical emission and hazardous waste violations. The acid-lead battery recycler has been operating for nearly […]

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EXIDE VERNON UPDATE: Document offers closer look at agreement reached between Exide, State regulators

Exide lead

CBS LOS ANGELES Document Offers Closer Look At Agreement Reached Between Exide, State Regulators BOYLE HEIGHTS (CBSLA.com) — Lead-contaminated soil continues to be removed from the yards of homes near a battery-recycling facility in the wake of an agreement between state regulators and Exide Technologies. As part of the agreement, Exide has pledged $48 million to clean up […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS / MEDIA ROUNDUP: Los Angeles County official blasts ‘secret’ deal among Gov. Jerry Brown, DTSC and Exide; LA County Board of Supervisors approves motion to have attorneys consider legal options to force closing of Exide’s violation-ridden lead smelter and cleanup of nearby neighborhoods


CBS LOS ANGELES Official Blasts “Secret” Deal Over Battery Recycling Plant LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A Los Angeles County official Wednesday called for legal action against a battery recycling plant in Vernon which authorities say has operated without a permit for decades. Supervisor Gloria Molina held a rally outside the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration along […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: Los Angeles County considers lawsuit against Exide; Supervisor hopes to permanently shutter Exide’s troubled lead smelter

Exide LA County

Exide was named the worst lead polluter in California and the third worst in the nation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “We have been going through the process, we have been respectful,” Molina told EGP. “Ignoring us is not the way to go,” she said about a potential lawsuit. Molina, like many eastside residents, […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS: PLEASE READ AND SHARE! Community leader appeals to California Gov. Jerry Brown regarding very serious concerns about potential sham settlement with violation-ridden Exide; Exide still under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for handling of toxic waste


“It’s just another sign of their lack of oversight. It’s just another sign. You know, they’re not going to do anything until the judge orders them to do something to fix up that place,” A ‘sham settlement’ Msgr. Moretta, who has pastored Resurrection for almost 30 years, was so moved by the latest revelation that […]

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EXIDE VERNON BREAKING NEWS – New California law turns up heat on Exide’s troubled lead smelter in Vernon; Gov. Brown sets deadline for DTSC to give violation-ridden Exide plant permit or shut it down permanently


CLICK HERE TO READ NEW LAW REGARDING EXIDE The Exide measure the governor signed requires the state Department of Toxic Substances Control to either grant the company a full hazardous-waste permit by the end of next year or shut the facility down. The Vernon plant, which has been allowed to operate with a temporary permit, […]

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