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CONNECT THE DOTS / MEDIA ROUND-UP: Thanks to TCEQ, Frisco’s Lead Legacy continues; Exide gets 14 more months to dump another ton of lead over Frisco

Exide Frisco lead smelter smoke stacks graphic

The TCEQ’s most recent proposed Agreed Order extends the deadline Exide has to bring basic controls and maintenance procedures up to minimum standards for lead emissions by 14 months, from this November to January 2014. If the Agreed Order is approved by TCEQ commissioners on May 30, the agency will essentially have given Exide permission […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Senators call for EPA inquiry into lead smelter sites

If you read our latest CONNECT THE DOTS package, then you read USA TODAY’S investigative report: “Ghost Factories: Poison in the Ground”. Because of that report, several U.S. senators now are calling for the EPA to initiate an inquiry in to lead factory/smelter sites. In a letter sent Wednesday to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, the […]

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FRISCO’S LEGACY OF LEAD MAP: 150 tons of lead deposited over Frisco since Exide lead smelter opened

Frisco Lead Deposition Study Map

CLICK ON THE MAP ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD A FULL, TWO-PAGE PDF COPY THAT INCLUDES A LEGEND OF LOCATIONS IN FRISCO AND PLANO. To learn more about the Frisco Unleaded citizens group lead deposition study on which the map is based, click here. And read a Media Round-Up about the study here. Also, more than 38,000 […]

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CONNECT THE DOTS TO EXIDE AND FRISCO: Ghost Factories, Poisoned Places and Toxic Schools

Smelters and Lead Poisoning_ Ghost Factories - USATODAY.com

According to the Frisco Unleaded citizen’s  group study released last week, Frisco is a community with a significant toxic lead dust legacy that will only grow as long as Exide continues to operate and spew a lead-arsenic-cadmium-dioxin laced cocktail into the heart of the community. And if you read the excellent, incredibly comprehensive investigative work […]

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MEDIA ROUND-UP – Citizens Group Report: Exide smelter has deposited more than 150 tons of toxic lead dust over Frisco

Scan of Frico Lead Mailer Map

UPDATE: More than 38,000 Frisco children and young people under the age of 19 live within the area included in the recent lead deposition study. Click here to go to interactive map showing the 31 census tracts included in the report area and to get a breakdown on the population of each of the tracts […]

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NEWS UPDATE: Planning & Zoning Commission Unanimously Rejects Exide’s Petition

BELOW ARE MEDIA REPORTS BY KERA and the Dallas Morning News, respectively, about the Planning & Zoning’s unanimous decision last night to reject Exide’s vested rights petition, and to require that the lead smelter adhere to current Frisco zoning laws. KERA Listen to and read the report by BILL ZEEBLE   DALLAS MORNING NEWS By […]

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POISONED PLACES REPORT: Frisco and Reading, PA, share similarities in ongoing problems with Exide plants


This story by Center for Public Integrity Reporter Jim Morris focuses on the ongoing issues and problems related to Exide that residents in Reading, PA, are dealing with. There are many similarities to Exide and Frisco: Below are quotes from an Exide statement. The company refused to be interviewed for the story. How do these […]

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UPDATED EPA LIST: Exide has most plants in violation of air safety laws for lead emissions


Last week, the EPA added five sites to its Lead National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) Non-attainment Designations list, making a total of 21 areas and parts of 22 counties across 15 states and Puerto Rico that are in violation of federal air quality health standards for lead emissions. You can download a copy of […]

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NATIONAL LEAD POISIONING PREVENTION WEEK: Get Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet created for Frisco by leading expert on lead toxicity, contamination

Dr. Howard Mileke, Ph.D., who is considered one of the world’s leading experts on lead toxicity and contamination, has created a Lead Poisoning Prevent Tip Sheet for Frisco residents, and those around the world, in recognition of National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. You can download a pdf copy of the Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet […]

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NATIONAL LEAD POISONING PREVENTION WEEK: 40,000 DFW children under 6 have dangerous blood lead levels – Find local events


National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is Oct. 23 through Oct. 29, and below is local and national information, including an article by the Dallas Morning News’ Valerie Wigglesworth that reports that data shows 40,000 DFW area children under 6 years of in Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant counties have blood lead levels of as least […]

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Expert who warned Frisco about lead in soil from Exide plant gets federal grant for research, remediation of lead contamination in metro areas

“One of the things that we note is that learning abilities and violent behavior is related to childhood exposure to lead,” said Mielke. “And there’s a 20-year gap, between the children’s exposure and what you see in violence, and we are really concerned about that.”   NEW ORLEANS — A grant awarded to a Tulane […]

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REPORT: Leading Lead Expert tells TCEQ Plan for Exide Fails to Protect Frisco Children and Community

In professional comments prepared for submission to the TCEQ, Howard Mielke, PhD.,  one of world’s leading experts on lead and its toxicity, states: “Given the emerging science of lead and the current understanding of its impact on young children, the current agreement to limit emissions to over 600 lbs of lead per year does not […]

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BREAKING NEWS: EPA Issues Administrative Order Against Exide Frisco Citing Potential Soil and Water Contamination

EPA Administrative Order Exide

Based on the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Corrective Action / multi-media inspection the EPA conducted at the Frisco Exide lead smelter in December 2009 and March 2010, as well as a file review of historical records, the agency has stated that the inspections indicate potential soil, groundwater, sediment and surface water contamination resulting […]

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PUBLIC HEARING TODAY! DMN: Two Scientists to testify that TCEQ plan lacking in protection of community health from Exide lead emissions

(This is a copy of an article written by Dallas Morning News staff writer, Valerie Wigglesworth) Two scientists find fault with efforts to reduce lead emissions from Frisco plant By VALERIE WIGGLESWORTH Staff Writer vwigglesworth@dallasnews.com Published 27 July 2011 10:22 PM Two scientists say they plan to testify in Frisco on Thursday night that the […]

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(UPDATE: In April 2012, the Frisco citizens group, Frisco Unleaded, announced the results of a lead deposition study that showed that at least 150 tons of lead had been dumped over most of Frisco over the almost 50 years the Exide lead smelter has been in operation. A link to a downloadable copy of that […]

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125+ Children, Family Friendly Frisco Locations Within 5-Mile Radius of Exide Lead Smelter

Frisco Exide Lead Smelter Near Children Map

(UPDATE: In April 2012, the Frisco citizens group, Frisco Unleaded, announced the results of a lead deposition study that showed that at least 150 tons of lead had been dumped over most of Frisco over the almost 50 years the Exide lead smelter has been in operation. A link to a downloadable copy of that […]

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EPA EXIDE REPORT SHOWS TCEQ’S WEAKNESSES in protecting public from lead contamination in soil, water

“The Exide Technologies battery recycling plant in Frisco, Texas, provides an unsettling example of how difficult it is to protect the public from industrial pollutants, like lead, and illustrates problems when the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the state’s environmental regulatory agency, concentrates efforts on air emissions only.” Read all of the excellent summary […]

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More Exide EPA Report Photos Slideshow

[slideshow post_id=”173″]

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EPA INSPECTION/REPORT IDENTIFIES CONCERNS at Exide lead smelter in Frisco; Get copy of EPA Report, see photos

State and federal regulators inspecting the plant near downtown Frisco identified multiple issues related to the company’s on-site landfills, storm-water runoff and waste disposal. Among the most significant were high levels of heavy metals along the banks of Stewart Creek, which runs through the plant property. The Environmental Protection Agency found lead levels in one […]

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