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CITIZENS’ VOICES GETTING THROUGH? – City Council to consider Exide’s vested rights appeal; vote on legal counsel

Are You Listening?

After months of expressing their increasing concerns about the negative impact of Exide’s aging, poorly maintained lead smelter continuing to operate in the very heart of the community, tonight’s City Council meeting will indicate to Frisco citizens whether their elected representatives are actively listening and how serious they are about repeated, publicly made promises to […]

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BREAKING NEWS: CDC Advisory Committee Report: Low Level Lead Exposure Harms Children; Calls for lowering blood lead levels, more prevention

Lead Poisining in Children

January 4, 2012 – In a decision described as “historic,” an expert advisory committee to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) voted today to recommend a significant change in the level at which children are considered to have too much lead in their blood. The change will increase the number of children […]

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REPORT: Teen hearing problems linked to low blood lead levels


“A blood lead level greater than or equal to 2 µg/dL (micrograms per deciliter of blood) compared with less than 1 µg/dL was associated with increased odds of high-frequency hearing loss” — Report – “Heavy Metals Exposure and Hearing Loss in U.S. Adolescents” Teenagers exposed to lead – in air, soil, water, and paint – […]

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NEWS UPDATE: Planning & Zoning Commission Unanimously Rejects Exide’s Petition

BELOW ARE MEDIA REPORTS BY KERA and the Dallas Morning News, respectively, about the Planning & Zoning’s unanimous decision last night to reject Exide’s vested rights petition, and to require that the lead smelter adhere to current Frisco zoning laws. KERA Listen to and read the report by BILL ZEEBLE   DALLAS MORNING NEWS By […]

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TAKE ACTION TODAY: 7 key reasons to attend Planning & Zoning and City Council meetings TONIGHT, Dec. 27!

Frisco logo

#1 – If you believe that the present and future health and welfare of the residents and community of Frisco are more important than Exide Technologies continuing to operate an aging, poorly maintained lead smelter in the heart of the community that daily spews a highly toxic cocktail of chemical “dust” – including lead, arsenic, […]

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TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition for a Lead-Free Frisco!

From the folks at Frisco Unleaded, a special site to sign a petition to the Mayor, City Manager, City Attorney and City Council: Dear Frisco Mayor, City Manager, City Attorney and City Council Our city government can no longer deny the negative impact that Exide Technologies continues to impose on the public welfare and the […]

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MEDIA ROUND-UP – Citizens tell City Council they want Exide out of Frisco

vonderahe at council meeting-thumb-500x325-128053

Some wore smokestack hats, and others wore “No Exide” signs, and during the Dec. 6 Frisco City Council meeting, citizen after citizen told city officials that they wanted the Exide lead smelter – which sits in the heart of the community – gone. Repeating well-established scientific research that there is no safe level of lead […]

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CALL TO ACTION: Make plans to attend City Council meeting TOMORROW, Dec. 6, – Exide-related legal and zoning items on Agenda; Council to learn about amortization – Make your voice heard!

Frisco logo

The agenda for Tuesday’s City Council meeting includes several items related to Exide. Make plans now to attend to find out more, and also to let the Mayor and City Council hear your voice and concerns about Exide’s lead smelter that sits in the heart of Frisco and still is operating in violation of federal […]

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NEWS UPDATE: Federal Advisory Committee: “Low level lead exposure harms children”; Recommends CDC lower measurement at which childrens’ blood lead levels are deemed dangerously elevated

CDC logo

The Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (ACCLPP) voted on Nov. 17, to recommend a significant change in how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention selects the number at which a child’s blood lead level should be considered elevated, and to renew its call for primary prevention. In a unanimous vote on the […]

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EPA UPDATE: Frisco citizens met with EPA officials about Exide in October; Follow-up letter poses more questions, asks for answers

Frisco Unleaded Letter to EPA Graphic

Members of the Frisco Unleaded: Exide Out! citizens group met with senior Region 6 EPA officials on October 6, to discuss their growing concerns about the negative impact of the Exide lead smelter. The group followed up its meeting with a seven-page letter to Carl Edlund, the EPA’s Region 6 director for multimedia planning and […]

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TCEQ UPDATE: Agency moves consideration of adoption of revised SIP, Agreed Order for Exide to Spring 2012; will not take public comments on corrected revisions

TCEQ logo

The TCEQ has announced that it is moving its deadline to consider the revised State Implementation Plan (SIP) and related Agreed Order with Exide from Dec. 7, 2011, to Spring 2011. The state agency also has indicated that it will not provide its corrected and revised SIP and Agreed Order to the public for review […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Attend City Council meeting TONIGHT to learn more about possible public hearings about zoning ordinance changes that could impact Exide plant

While we don’t have many details at all right now, the City of Frisco possibly seems to be considering some type of action related to the Exide lead smelter. Below is what we know right now: MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND TONIGHT’S CITY COUNCIL MEETING TO FIND OUT MORE! Exide has filed its application to Frisco […]

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POISONED PLACES REPORT: Frisco and Reading, PA, share similarities in ongoing problems with Exide plants


This story by Center for Public Integrity Reporter Jim Morris focuses on the ongoing issues and problems related to Exide that residents in Reading, PA, are dealing with. There are many similarities to Exide and Frisco: Below are quotes from an Exide statement. The company refused to be interviewed for the story. How do these […]

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UPDATED EPA REPORT: Frisco Exide plant still exceeds legal limits for lead emissions one year later

Exide Frisco lead smelter smoke stacks graphic

The Frisco Exide lead smelter was among the locations initially cited on the EPA’s first Nonattainment Designations list released last November. (And Exide has a total  of six plants on the EPA Non-attainment Designations List, more than any other company.) Recent monitoring reports for the Frisco plant that the EPA released last week show that […]

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UPDATED EPA LIST: Exide has most plants in violation of air safety laws for lead emissions


Last week, the EPA added five sites to its Lead National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) Non-attainment Designations list, making a total of 21 areas and parts of 22 counties across 15 states and Puerto Rico that are in violation of federal air quality health standards for lead emissions. You can download a copy of […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Exide lands Frisco in national “Poisoned Places: Toxic Air, Neglected Communities” report

National Public Radio and the Center for Public Integrity’s 4-Part Investigative Series POISONED PLACES: TOXIC AIR, NEGLECTED COMMUNITIES INVESTIGATIVE REPORT POISONED PLACES MAP EPA Report on Frisco’s Exide lead smelter as one of the worst repeat violators of federal air pollution laws. VIDEO Interviews of residents of Laureldale, PA., and their ongoing struggles with Exide

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Citizens group collects 1,500-plus cans to spotlight concerns about Exide

Below is a copy of the a story written by Dallas Morning News reporter Valerie Wigglesworth about the results of the Frisco Unleaded: Exide Out citizens group’s “Can Exide” food drive. To get more information, here is a link to the news release about the event that was distributed by the group. Valerie Wigglesworth/Reporter vwigglesworth@dallasnews.com […]

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Frisco residents today should learn from City of Dallas/neighborhood partnerships that closed Dallas’ highly toxic lead smelters

Below is collection of stories from the Dallas Morning News from 1984 to 1990 that chronicle how citizens of  Oak Cliff and West Dallas and the City of Dallas worked together to successfully close Dallas’  three lead smelters, which significantly damaged neighborhoods with lead contamination and poisoning. We also think you will be interested in […]

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NATIONAL LEAD POISIONING PREVENTION WEEK: Get Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet created for Frisco by leading expert on lead toxicity, contamination

Dr. Howard Mileke, Ph.D., who is considered one of the world’s leading experts on lead toxicity and contamination, has created a Lead Poisoning Prevent Tip Sheet for Frisco residents, and those around the world, in recognition of National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. You can download a pdf copy of the Lead Poisoning Prevention Tip Sheet […]

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NATIONAL LEAD POISONING PREVENTION WEEK: 40,000 DFW children under 6 have dangerous blood lead levels – Find local events


National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is Oct. 23 through Oct. 29, and below is local and national information, including an article by the Dallas Morning News’ Valerie Wigglesworth that reports that data shows 40,000 DFW area children under 6 years of in Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant counties have blood lead levels of as least […]

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