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TIME TO STATE THE OBVIOUS: Exide’s and others’ ongoing toxic contamination of communities across the U.S. without significant consquences is due to total systemic failure of municipal, state, regional and federal agencies to meet their responsibilities to protect people and the environment. This LA Times special report documents failure at the state level…


…Connect the special investigative report by The Los Angeles Times below with the great investigative work done by respected media organizations like USA Today and NPR and The Center for Public Integrity and Bill Moyers & Company, as well as the ongoing, ground-breaking research work being done by globally respected scientists such as Dr. Howard […]

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CONNECT THE DOTS TO EXIDE AND FRISCO: Ghost Factories, Poisoned Places and Toxic Schools

Smelters and Lead Poisoning_ Ghost Factories - USATODAY.com

According to the Frisco Unleaded citizen’s  group study released last week, Frisco is a community with a significant toxic lead dust legacy that will only grow as long as Exide continues to operate and spew a lead-arsenic-cadmium-dioxin laced cocktail into the heart of the community. And if you read the excellent, incredibly comprehensive investigative work […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Exide lands Frisco in national “Poisoned Places: Toxic Air, Neglected Communities” report

National Public Radio and the Center for Public Integrity’s 4-Part Investigative Series POISONED PLACES: TOXIC AIR, NEGLECTED COMMUNITIES INVESTIGATIVE REPORT POISONED PLACES MAP EPA Report on Frisco’s Exide lead smelter as one of the worst repeat violators of federal air pollution laws. VIDEO Interviews of residents of Laureldale, PA., and their ongoing struggles with Exide

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